kb-network    News 16 Feb 2018

Record-breaking ‘home of the future’ KB ProjeKt, receives TecHome Brilliance Award

KB Home today announced that its KB ProjeKt concept home, built for the 2016 Greenbuild Conference in Los Angeles, has received a 2017 TecHome Brilliance Award. KB ProjeKt was intended to predict the housing requirements of 2020, but industry experts have said they’ve gone as far as 2050 with their innovations in sustainability, smart-home tech, flexible, modular, adaptable living space options, and features to improve wellness

“KB Home has a long history of innovation in the home building industry, and the KB ProjeKt represented a skilful synthesis of what we’ve learned over the last 60 years and the forward-thinking talents of our team,” said Jeffrey Mezger, KB Home’s Chairman, President, and CEO. “Many of the concepts displayed in the KB ProjeKt, including highly energy- and water-efficient designs and appliances, resource-conserving materials, smart-home technology, and healthy-home features, are already incorporated into every home that KB Home builds. The KB ProjeKt showcased a creative mix of cutting edge technology and aspirational home design to provide a glimpse of what home building could be in the future, and how a home could potentially help its occupants live healthier and more efficient lives while reducing environmental impact.”

The home uses 20% less water due to:

  • A rainwater harvesting system
  • A highly sustainable water-recycling washing machine from Whirlpool
  • Exceedingly efficient WaterSense plumbing fixtures from Kohler
  • An ENERGY STAR certified KitchenAid Architect Series II dishwasher, which reuses the final rinse water, meaning it uses 33% less water.
  • A Rinnai tankless water heater with an on-demand re-circulation pump to prevent hot water waste and save time and money for the occupants
  • Isolated shower and laundry drains which allow for greywater reuse in toilets

The home is also 70% more energy efficient due to:

  • Having to heat, transport, and dispose of 20% less water
  • Highly durable and thermally resistant Dekton tiles by Cosentino
  • An open-plan style interior and large windows which mean less lighting is needed
  • A solar system which produces 70% more energy than the market average
  • A Tesla Powerwall battery which can store electricity for long periods
  • Vacuum-insulation panels which provide very high thermal insulation, meaning the home requires 7-20% less energy to heat, and 10-30% less energy to cool
  • New fuel cell technology which converts gas into electricity without burning

The home optimises wellness and liberates lifestyles due to:

  • The Panasonic Home Health Link which manages air quality and security
  • Movable walls which repurpose the interior according to changing needs over time, such as starting a family, housing an older relative, or occupants leaving home.
  • Modular building cartridges (aka pods), which can be swapped out, allowing occupants to further adapt their home-life without costly renovations or relocations.
  • Programmable LEDs which can be set to different colours and temperatures aligned with the occupants’ circadian rhythms, improving wakefulness and restfulness
  • Vertical wall garden to improve air quality
  • Drone landing pads which liberate occupants from staying indoors

Approximately 1,000 people toured the KB ProjeKt home at the Greenbuild Conference before giving overwhelmingly positive feedback, and it was also awarded Top Project of the Year by Environmental Leader, both of which suggest that the concepts explored in KB ProjeKt will have far-reaching implications for the future of kitchens and bathrooms.


KB ProjeKt | builderonline.com/kbhomeprojekt