kb-network    News 05 Jul 2016

PWS’ new modern kitchen brand BioGraphy take inspiration from personalisation

BioGraphy, PWS’ new modern kitchen brand, takes its cue from the trend towards personalisation.

This look is all about having the flexibility to create a dynamic, personal statement with a kitchen that’s functional, expressive and echoes the energy of a busy home, says PWS.

BioGraphy is more than a product range, it introduces a clear back story and a new ethos to selling with a targeted approach and Eclectic Fusion reflects the growing consumer enthusiasm and drive for individuality in interiors, delivering a style that’s inspired, creative and individual.

A combination of Shaker-influenced cabinetry, alongside handleless furniture and slab-fronted units, brought together within a thoughtful colour palette gives kitchen designers an opportunity to give each client their ‘very own’ kitchen.

“The feedback from designers and retailers on BioGraphy has been overwhelmingly positive, with the constant message that the range is perfectly pitched in terms of versatility and choice”, said Graeme Smith, senior designer at PWS. “The styles, materials, colours and finishes unite an on-trend palette with longevity, whilst in terms of affordability the feedback is that BioGraphy resounds at exactly the right level in the market.

“The Eclectic Fusion style is clean, yet quirky, perfect for designers to create contemporary designs, injected with individuality and a colourful twist.”

The growth in popularity of matt finishes adds a new dimension to colour mixes in the kitchen enabling designers to introduce vivid bursts of colour without overwhelming the space with the finish creating a softer aesthetic than gloss.

BioGraphy has been developed to offer maximum design flexibility and the frontal line-up includes four full ranges with a palette of 20 colours, in both matt and gloss, spanning the spectrum from lighter neutrals of almond and cashmere to stronger tones of umber and graphite. Additionally a range of feature doors, including reclaimed oak and character graphite, allow designers to add further individuality to their projects.

Seen here is a BioGraphy kitchen in Porter Matt and Dove Grey with feature doors in Matt Morris Blue