kb-network    News 16 May 2017

PWS company, Second Nature, launches its new classic kitchen brand ‘Alchemy Kitchens’

PWS has launched a new classic kitchen brand under the ‘Second Nature’ company umbrella – Alchemy Kitchens.

Designed to fulfil the need for up-to-date ‘classic’ kitchen schemes, Alchemy Kitchens officially launched its five key designs today at the PWS Southern Design Centre in Slough.

Each kitchen scheme is designed to provide both consumers and retailers with a complete range of designs to choose from, all of which provide modern updates to traditional, or classic, schemes. As the company’s senior designer, Graeme Smith, stated, their aim was to “create kitchens that gave classic looks for modern lifestyles.”

The five designs are focused around what the Alchemy design duo Lizzie and Richard – coined ‘Lizzard’ – found most common when researching what ‘classic’ kitchens meant to different people and regions over the past twelve months; such designs include coastal, family, farmhouse and galley kitchens.

Talking to kb-network about the new collection, designer Lizzie Beesley stated; “What we wanted to do was to take classic and re-establish what ‘Classic’ actually meant to the market. We’ve realised that there are many established looks, for example there will always be farmhouse and period styles etc, but our collection takes those styles and adds subtle changes to make it a modern interpretation of classic.

“When it comes to our ‘modern classic’ that could literally just mean a door colour, with classic schemes it isn’t about taking huge steps, it’s about subtle differences that will really make a difference”.

Richard added, “It might be a more modern take on, for example, the farmhouse style, but you will still get iconic pieces such as the plate rack and belfast sink. It’s the new colours that the consumer may not have seen before that will make them stop and look and recognise an Alchemy Kitchen.”

The Alchemy Classic Kitchen Collection is available immediately to retailers.

Alchemy Kitchens | pws.co.uk