Utopia    News 28 Apr 2017

Put the science back into cooking with this extraordinary vacuum drawer by Siemens


The vacuum drawer from Siemens new studioLine range, offers, as its name suggests, the ability to vacuum pack food. The vacuuming process preserve food for longer, ready to store in the fridge, freezer or cupboards, but also integrally preserves the aroma and flavour of food.

The eight litre capacity drawer features three vacuuming levels for vacuuming inside the chamber, which reach a maximum of 99%. However, the necessary level of vacuuming should be adjusted for the type of food; for instance, a delicate collection of toasted parsnip crisp should be vacuumed to the lowest level to avoid destroying the original texture of the food. The drawer can also be used to marinade meat, by adding a very small amount of the marinade liquid to the bag, along with the chosen meat, the air pressure within the drawer scientifically lowers the boiling point of the liquid, so it may appear to bubble before your eyes. Then once vacuumed to a high level, the package may be stored in the fridge prior to cooking it at a later time – using this scientific cooking methodology eventuates in a tender and delicious meal.

The drawer and level of vacuuming is controlled by a handleless push-open mechanism and intuitive touch control.

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