kb-network    News 04 Nov 2016

PJH adds two new functions to its PJH Partners Portal online platform to allow hidden prices

In response to customer feedback and to further enhance usability and consumer-focus, PJH has added two new functions to its PJH Partners Portal online platform; ‘Price Show/Hide’ and ‘Print Quote’.

‘Price Show/Hide’ is one of the most requested features for the PJH Partners Portal says the company and it will allow the user to share and compare product images and information, on screen, with consumers without them being able to see the trade prices. The click of an on-screen ‘£’ button toggles between being able to show or hide trade prices , which means margins can be maintained with prices given from brochure R.R.P. or the retailer’s own prices.

The second feature added to the PJH Partners Portal is ‘Print Quote’ which gives retailers the ability to create a personalised quote, that can be printed off with or without pricing information included on it.

Retailers simply need to add products to the basket and then click the ‘Print Quote’ icon, from where a user prompt allows the inclusion or exclusion of prices, before going on to either print or email the quote.

Speaking about the ‘Price Show/Hide’ and ‘Print Quote’ features, Sally Hough, PJH’s multi-channel marketing manager said: “Although the reception of our PJH Partners Portal has been tremendous, achieving an unprecedented 4.4 stars out of 5 customer rating, feedback has also helped us develop the site further.

“’Price Show/Hide’ and ‘Print Quote’ have been much requested and we’re pleased to be able to include these keeping us on-track with our commitment to continuously develop the PJH Partners Portal and deliver a truly class-leading on-line experience.”

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