kb-network    News 29 Mar 2016

PJH achieves an average rating of 4.4. stars out of 5 for their new online platform

Just months into its launch and PJH’s new online platform – PJH Partners Portal – has achieved an average 4.4 star-rating out of 5 based on customer feedback of using the site.

Launched as part of the company’s rebrand, PJH Partners Portal is an online platform designed to make its product ordering experience as easy and efficient as possible through a class-leading web interface. Since its launch the number of customers and the frequency of their orders placed online through the site have increased enormously, says the company.

The PJH Partners Portal was developed around customer needs and, says PJH, it addresses many of the issues and frustrations typical of some on-line experiences. Designed to be class-leading, the PJH Partners Portal is built around a user-intuitive icon-driven web portal with many innovative features that make product searching, ordering and customer account management easier than ever.

One of the most innovative features of the PJH Partners Portal, the ‘Kitchen Order Pad’, has transformed the way a complete kitchen is ordered online and is proving a real hit with customers. A visual product interface clearly identifies products, prices and dimensions which says PJH, make it far easier to get a full order right first time, every time.

Its ‘Smart Search’ function, is also being put to good use allowing retailers to search quickly for products as well as move seamlessly from the company’s brochures to online ordering. It also allows real-time stock checking as a product’s name or code is entered.

Speaking about the success of PJH Partners Portal, Sally Hough, PJH’s multi-channel marketing manager said: “Just a few months into its launch and PJH Partners Portal is already exceeding expectations with retailers. Users are finding the site not only easy to use, but a seamless extension of PJH’s business offering allowing class-leading, on-line ordering that delivers a genuine value-added benefit to their own business.

“The 4.4-star rating, awarded to us by our customers, is the perfect endorsement of the site’s performance.”

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