Designer    News 21 Jul 2017

Peace and Quiet Marks – Grohe’s Rapid SL receives Quiet Mark recognition for second consecutive year

The Grohe Rapid SL flush system has received recognition by the Quiet Mark scheme for the second year running. Uniquely, Grohe claims that the Rapid Sl system is the only cistern on the market to have Quiet Mark approval.

These humbly hushed tones are thanks to the company’s innovative Whisper® quiet water technology, which is integrated into models employing the Rapid SL system. The Whisper technology delivers extremely quiet acoustics, with a flush noise of just 21dB, compared to the average 75 dB noise.

The Rapid SL system succeeds not only in the technological field, but equally presents a streamline contemporary aesthetic, with an entirely concealed installation and flush system. The model is available in three differing heights and comes with a range of helpful, innovative elements, including odour extraction and the Fresh hygienic flushing system, which regularly disinfects your toilet.

Grohe’s UK Product Manager, Michael Gray, commented “Our Rapid SL quiet systems ensure noise disturbances in the bathroom are kept to a minimum. The system is particularly useful for an ensuite – you can locate the WC where you want without worrying that it will disturb anyone”.

What is the benefit of Quiet Mark accredited products? 

According to a survey commissioned by Defra and Quiet House, 76% of surveyed UK residents feel that the quality of their home life is affected by noise, and this leads to a wider impact on health factors such as sleep disruption – with 47% claiming noise from within the home had kept them awake.

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