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Online interior design giant Houzz reveal their 2017 Houzz kitchen survey results

It’s a big white world for kitchens now, with more consumers wanting more space and more of them prepared to spend more money to get the room of their dreams – these are three of the big trends to emerge from the 2017 Houzz kitchen survey.

The latest kitchen trends survey from Houzz UK is the result of answers to a detailed questionnaire completed by over 3000 people who had completed a kitchen renovation project in the 12 months leading up to November 2016.

It draws its strength from the number of people questioned, their geographical spread throughout the UK, the fact that their latest kitchen experience was less than a year away from when they completed the questionnaire, and the independence of the company compiling the survey. This all adds up to the Houzz kitchen survey being an extremely accurate picture of the UK’s kitchen market.

It is fair to say that the survey has an upscale bias in its results (one in 10 surveyed spent more than £75K on their kitchen renovation and another 7% spent between £50K and £75K), but that in itself is no bad thing. Not only does this survey reflect accurately what is going on at kitchen specialist level, but also there is ample evidence to show that all the important kitchen trends start at the top and filter down the food chain.

It would seem that whatever the budget, the smart money is going on contemporary kitchen design; 56% compared with 10% who said they had opted for a traditional kitchen design. The classic country style of kitchen (which some would say is a traditional design), accounted for 7% of sales, while the industrial style of kitchen, beloved of the metropolitan elite, only accounted for 4% of the sales covered by the survey.

Roughly a third of the kitchen furniture purchased (31%) was white, although grey was not far behind, (27%). Of the ‘on-trend’ colours we receive information about from manufacturers, only beige with a 9% share from those surveyed has broken through so far.

In addition to those who had renovated their kitchen area in the previous 12 months, Houzz also questioned those that had plans to do so at some point in the next three months. 63% of those surveyed said they planned to increase the kitchen space.

And property sales was still the single largest motivator in kitchen replacement; 42% said it was the recent purchase of a home, compared with 30% who said they could no longer stand their current kitchen and 26% who said their existing kitchen had ‘broken down’ or was unsafe.


Houzz / houzz.co.uk

We will be reporting on other key trends revealed in the Houzz 2017 kitchen survey shortly on kb-network but meanwhile, please see the March issue of Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine for a report on the survey.