kb-network    News 19 Aug 2016

Omega PLC help CAD software specialist ArtiCAD to double the size of their contracts team

KBB CAD software specialist, ArtiCAD, is working closely with Omega PLC as the company doubles the size of its contracts team to help achieve its increase in business and its planned growth over the coming years.

Based in Doncaster, Omega PLC is one of the UK’s largest KBB manufacturers and suppliers to the housebuilding sector.

Omega PLC had already chosen the ArtiCAD-Pro software as the best fit for the company, and with the expansion of the Omega Contracts department, all the new recruits, together with existing members of the team, have received training on the use of the software in a phased programme.

According to Tracey Bairstow, group director of customer service at Omega PLC: Whilst the majority of the new designers had not used ArtiCAD before, they all have experience using computer design software and training of this system went smoothly”

Omega PLC has developed other corporate systems around its use of ArtiCAD software to ensure that design is at the heart of the company’s business. Although the contract market can demand standard and simple kitchens, an increasing number of house builders want to add ‘flair’ to their kitchen designs to set them apart from the competition, and ArtiCAD software ensures that Omega Contracts more than meets this need.

Tracey Bairstow added: “Our investment in ArtiCAD has delivered a more streamlined and efficient service for our clients – from initial brief or tender, through to production of the design, renders and quote. We are also able to provide all our designs to a professional standard format – which is important for the contract market.”