D-List    News 29 Mar 2018

Official sponsor of 2018’s d-list, Hoover Candy UK, comments on the impending launch

With the 2018 d-list being released next week, we spoke to official sponsor, Hoover Candy UK, about what it means to support the definitive list and how important it is to recognise design talent within the kitchen and bathroom industry.

Daniel Dewey, Product Manager, built-in appliances, Hoover Candy UK, said: “We’re proud to sponsor the d-list because style is very important to us as a brand. A definitive list of ‘ones to watch’ in the world of kitchen and bathroom design should be the industry’s bible and it’s great that Pro Publishing is championing the unsung heroes who use their creative vision day in, day out to bring projects to life. We know the directory is utilised by a range of professionals in the trade, so it’s fantastic to see everyone from the kitchen and bathroom world come together in one place to support residential projects and products.”

The official 2018 d-list will be announced on 4th April 2018.

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