kb-network    News 11 May 2016

Office for National Statistics reports 50% rise in multi-family households over the past decade

The Office of National Statistics reported in Families and Households: 2015 that there has been a 50 per cent rise in multi-family households in the past decade.

For a variety of reasons, both practical and financial, extended families spanning a variety of generations are choosing to live in the same home. From elderly relatives who move in with younger married family members (and often their small children too), to young professionals who return to live with their parents; multigenerational households are becoming increasingly common.

In addition to the rapid increase in multigenerational homes, there are currently 14.9 million people aged 60 and above in the UK and according to the Government’s Disability Prevalence Estimates 2011/2012 there are 11.6 million disabled people in Great Britain.

Coram’s newly launched Boston Comfort and Safety range of bathroom accessories addresses the variety of needs which arise from multigenerational living, and accessible bathroom design for elderly or disabled homeowners, who require extra support when showering or moving around a wet environment.

The range is an ideal choice for those who don’t want to install an ‘institutional’ style shower-space, which may be unattractive or impede the resale value of their property, but do wish to be assured of showering safety and security as part of their everyday routine.

Available in modern polished and brushed stainless steel, the Boston Comfort and Safety range incorporates a variety of straight and angled multi-purpose safety bars, as well as a folding shower seat, towel rack, hook, soap holder and dispenser, 2-in-1 toilet roll holder, additional anti-slip grips, universal organiser and a safety shower bar – all designed with a stylish, contemporary aesthetic.

All of the stainless steel safety bars within the Boston Comfort and Safety range support up to 150KG (over 23 stones) and come with the option to add an anti-slip grip to provide extra reassurance.

The discretionary anti-slip grip can be easily retro-fitted to the safety bars, 2-in-1 toilet roll holder or the shower safety bar, as and when required; thus providing future-proofing options for those homeowners whose mobility needs may increase over time.

Manufactured by Coram’s sister company, Tiger, based in Holland, the Boston Comfort and Safety range is a popular accessory collection which is already available throughout Europe.

Liam Ryan, Coram Group UK’s sales director said: “We are incredibly pleased to be adding the Boston Comfort and Safety range of accessories to Coram’s product portfolio. Our research showed that the idea of a ‘universal showering space’, which can cater for the needs of every kind of user, is an important requirement in today’s marketplace.

“We are now able to offer our customers this fantastic suite of multipurpose products, which combines design-led form and superb functionality to provide a fantastic option for consumers who require an accessible, inclusive shower room, with safe and stylish finishing touches.”