kb-network    News 13 Nov 2017

Novy announces it has joined the KBSA as a corporate supplier member

Luxury extractor manufacturer, Novy, has been creating high-end designs for over 50 years, and after launching in the UK earlier this year, has now officially announced it is joining the KBSA.

Owain Harrison, Country Manager of Novy said: “Novy has a long-term business plan for the UK market and we are firmly committed to supporting the kitchen specialist industry. For 40 years, the KBSA has been an invaluable resource for kitchens businesses, particularly for independents, while membership also brings the benefit of being regarded as a trusted brand for consumers. I have been a supporter of the association throughout my career and I believe the KBSA continues to be a force for good for the sector going forward.”

Speaking of Novy, Richard Hibbert, National Chair of the KBSA, commented: “We are very pleased that Novy has joined the KBSA as a corporate member so soon after its entry to the UK market. The brand brings with it years of experience and innovation in the extraction sector and while relatively new to the UK, it is already a household name in Europe. The KBSA continues to deliver business support services to retailers while ensuring we help their businesses grow to consumers by helping enhance their website search rankings. We also actively support our corporate members, like Novy, by ensuring they have direct access to the right contacts within our specialist retail membership database.”

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