kb-network    News 08 Mar 2018

Nina Bailey, UK Design Manager at Formica Group, delivers the ‘Future Vision’ forecast at KBB

Future Vision Volume II is a trend and colour forecast that anticipates the design needs of architects, designers and end users. The report – the second in an ongoing series – explores the design industry topics for 2018/19 with consideration given to the influence of emerging technological, societal and cultural trends.

Developed by the design team from Formica Group, Homapal and Laminex Group, Future Vision Volume II offered a global outlook, providing insight into the factors that will influence the development of surfacing material, sustainable architecture and design for the year ahead. It identified themes of Engineered Design, No Boundaries and Fluidity, as well as the supporting palettes, surfacing aesthetics and colour combinations to shape them.

Engineered Design celebrates the return of the expert and skilled maker. Bespoke designs, specialist features, custom details, premium quality, and inimitable aesthetics mark out this trend.

No Boundaries takes inspiration from connecting with nature and gives consideration to unchartered environments and the modern-day nomad. As the name suggests, the theme is about breaking free of our modern shackles in the quest for new adventures, unique experiences and a return to a natural connection with the organic world.

Fluidity considers the blurred and transparent vision of tomorrow’s design. A response to an increasingly complex digital landscape, ‘Fluidity’ sees people growing tired of one-dimensional experiences and seeking to replace them with design that pays greater consideration to sensorial fulfilment. Early examples of the adoption of ‘Fluidity’ in the talk include the colour palette used by Studio Esteta to allow a restaurant to easily transition from day to night dining, and the Woolloomooloo hotel where guests experience spaces that integrate work, rest and play.

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