kb-network    News 14 Feb 2018

NHS to build high-tech ‘Healthy Homes’ across UK, with possible AI kitchen and bathroom technology

We’ve recently covered a lot of artificially intelligent kitchen products and voice-activated bathroom technology, including ovens, showers, and those linked with Apple, Amazon, and Google software. Now we can expect to see more of the same being routinely installed into new-builds across Great Britain, as part of an NHS scheme to monitor and advise the public towards healthier lifestyles.

This radical national program –  which may include supermarket discounts for hitting weekly ‘step targets’, free bicycles with new homes, urban assault courses, and outdoor gyms that charge phones – has already incorporated smart technology throughout the homes of 10 ‘Healthy New Towns’. This project installs movement sensors and other smart technology, linked to the residents’ devices, so that expert guidance flashes up on their screens when necessary. Utilising this, the NHS can nudge residents towards better choices and enrol them into local weight-loss, flu and stop-smoking clinics. Residents will even be offered digital health trackers so they can be monitored by their GPs without leaving home.

Now that the project is now set to be rolled out across the country, housing developers will be asked to embed smart technology throughout the kitchen and other rooms of new homes, to allow remote monitoring of those with health conditions, with results sent directly to GPs and hospitals. NHS planners are currently talking to housing developers about going further still, creating ‘smart homes’ which issue residents with regular health advice, including warnings if residents are taking little exercise, or straying from a healthy diet.

Professor Sir Malcolm Grant, Chairman of NHS England, said: “The Healthy New Towns project is coming up with new and exciting ideas for healthy living and we want to make sure everyone benefits. If the big housebuilders join us it means that millions of people across the country, as well as their children and grandchildren, could be living happier, healthier lives in the towns and villages of the future.”

So far 10 sites covering 65,000 new homes have been designated as Healthy New Towns. The government has ambitions of achieving this with one million new homes.

The ‘smart tech’, incorporating Bluetooth infrastructure, will also be used to provide sensors to track the vulnerable, such as sufferers of dementia, with alerts sent if there are suspicious changes to routines, such as the failure to put the kettle on in the morning.

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