kb-network    News 22 Mar 2018

New water label website launches before World Water Day to drive standardised water labelling

The European Bathroom Forum unveiled its new website this week to coincide with World Water Day on the 23rd March. It is part of an initiative driven by European bathroom who are aiding governments in their quest to reduce water consumption by producing technologically advanced water-saving bathroom products.

The Water Label Scheme is designed to provide consumers with easy access to a database of bathroom products that meet the required high water and energy saving standards. The Scheme provides a credible, recognisable label and website helping both consumers and installers become more aware of water issues and the water saving products currently available on the market.

Organisations supporting the Scheme include European and National Associations, manufacturers and retailers, as well as waterwise, NHIC, the Consumer Council for Water and several water utilities.

Commenting on behalf of scheme partner BMA (Bathroom Manufacturers Association), CEO Yvonne Orgill said that The Water Label will offer a preferred route going forward for purchasing taps and showers, WCs, baths and components.

“Our vision is for a European-wide label,” she explained. “We are looking to achieve a voluntary agreement within the industry and hope to reach 80% of the market, based on how much water will be saved.”

She added that Keele University will be undertaking the environmental modelling for the scheme, with EU funding.

“There is a great deal of support for a Water Label across Europe; the government has been conducting research with waterwise and the water utilities to look at a mandatory label, while Michael Gove stated his position clearly at Water UK City Conference earlier this month, warning water companies that continued failure would lead to tougher regulation ensuring consumers receive the service they deserve – and the natural world is better protected.

Those registering on the Water Label Scheme are demonstrating their voluntary commitment to sustainability and reduction of water use. As Scheme Partners, our role will be to promote the Water Label within the industry and educate consumers to look for the label as a guide to buying sustainable products that conserve water, while saving energy and money.”

BMA | bathroom-association.org