Designer    News 24 Jan 2018

The new Sintesi hob and extractor system introduces three pioneering features into the UK market

The all-new Sintesi by Falmec is a high performance multi-functional one-piece kitchen extractor and induction hob designed with the modern kitchen and on-trend open plan layout in mind. Its sleek surface mounted design comprises of a recirculated system which features Falmec’s unique Carbon.Zeo filter. The Sintesi offers an innovative system that is the first of its kind to launch in the UK market, driving extraction technology with a set of forward-thinking functionalities.

Comprising a stylish induction hob with panoramic zones, a touch control interface and an integrated surface mounted extractor system, the brand new Sintesi provides a premium cooking and extraction experience, housed within a sleek design that will perfectly complement the minimalism seen in many European kitchen designs that are currently prevalent in the British market.

The premium hob and extractor duo offers three firsts to the UK market:

– The carbon.Zeo filter, which purifies cooking odours and vapours, is unique in that it combines activated charcoal with the natural occurring mineral, zeolite. Zeolite gives the added benefits of its high absorption capacity for organic compounds and water vapours, thus helping to dramatically reduce moisture and odours.

– The Sintesi is the first FourZone hob and extractor combined system which features four cooking zones within a 900mm surface area, rather than three, demonstrating the best economy of space on the market.

– The Sintesi also features a clever automated system that opens the aerodynamic air blades, meaning that once the user has activated the extraction system, the aerodynamic air blades open automatically.

“The launch of Sintesi is an extremely exciting time for Falmec,” says Nigel Jacobs, Managing Director of Euroline, Falmec’s exclusive UK importer. “Falmec has always been at the forefront of the market and recognised for its exceptional design, innovation and technology. With the launch of Sintesi, this takes the brand one step further, identifying them as true market leaders, and setting them apart from their competitors. Not only does the Sintesi, and other Falmec extractor systems, offer a number of innovative functionalities that are firsts for the UK extractor market, but the brand is also taking strides specifically within the high-performance recirculation market, looking ahead of the times to predict what homeowners and housebuilders will be requesting for their kitchens when it comes to extractors.”

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