kb-network    News 02 Feb 2017

New research from Whirlpool suggests consumers are seeking to improve their quality of life

New research commissioned by kitchen appliance manufacturer Whirlpool has found that consumers are actively seeking out ways to improve their quality of life, to concentrate on what really matters to them.

The international quantitative study carried out on behalf of Whirlpool by Computer Aided Web Interviewing between 11 – 30 May 2016.polled 2400 consumers to understand lifestyles, tastes and changing attitudes towards housework and cooking.

With 84 per cent of respondents reporting they demand greater simplicity in their lives; the research demonstrates consumers are continually seeking out ways to free up more time. Further, the research finds that consumers see appliances and innovations in the kitchen as a way to help streamline domestic life while remaining intuitive.

In line with the cultural shift of cooking becoming more of a lifestyle activity and leisure pursuit, the research reveals that 64 per cent of the respondents crave domestic appliances to help make cooking more enjoyable. Also 50 per cent of the respondents want their cooking appliances to help guarantee better cooking results. One fifth of the respondents disclosed a preference to household appliances that could proactively guide them to those results, demonstrating a growing awareness and interest in assisted cooking features.

Across a broad scope of lifestyles and personalities, the research demonstrated that consumers are seeking out ways to free up more time for themselves. With these results in mind, Whirlpool is continually developing smarter cooking solutions that assist in making cooking more enjoyable and further guarantee better cooking results.

The Whirlpool SmartCook induction hob brings together the most advanced 6TH SENSE® technology with a modern design and, for the first time, includes built-in culinary expertise. Through an intuitive touch interface, the user is guided through every step of the cooking process to perfectly created dishes.

Jennifer Taylor, the senior brand manager at Whirlpool, said: “Consumers are taking positive steps to make more time for those things that matter most to them. From the research, we are seeing an emerging trend of consumers who are actively seeking innovative ways to minimise the workload of domestic activity. The Whirlpool SmartCook induction hob effortlessly takes the stress out of cooking and both makes the culinary experience increasingly enjoyable, but also allows for the consumer to get back to what matters to them the most.”

Picture shows: The Whirlpool SmartCook induction hob that offers pre-programmed recipes, temperature sensors and the flexibility to cook anywhere on the hob.


Whirlpool / whirlpool.co.uk