Utopia    News 15 Sep 2017

New high-tech apps allow you to ‘try before you buy’ your new kitchen or bathroom

Developed by a technology company, DigitalBridge, a duo of new high-tech apps allow you to accurately measure your kitchen or bathroom space and then ‘try out’ a new design before deciding on it.

Using AR or augmented reality technology, the Survey app gives you the power to create a quick and easy floorplan of your room by simply waking around the perimeter. A survey has been developed in conjunction with the company’s upcoming Aspect visualiser app, which will allow you to visually place kitchen and bathroom products in the digital floorplan of your room – to effectively try before you buy.

David Levine, CEO of DigitalBridge, said: “Being unable to visualise what a new and expensive bathroom or kitchen would actually look like in their home has been a long-standing frustration for homeowners…so our AR technology essentially brings the showroom to customers so they can try out the products they like in accurately measured designs of their rooms.”

DigitalBridge | digitalbridge.eu