Designer    News 01 Oct 2015

New Gorenje Appliances: Designer Philippe Starck unveils new minimalistic kitchen collection

Appliance brand Gorenje has launched a new range designed by French design icon Philippe Starck.

Unveiled at IFA in Berlin last month, the Gorenje by Starck collection includes ovens, microwave ovens, hobs, hoods, refrigerators, drawers and décor panels. Key features include minimalistic design with reflective glass and stainless steel, as well as distinctive orange handles which give a bold design front to a series of appliances which Gorenje says also delivers high performance and energy efficiency.

Starck said: “The challenge was to create something that is technologically impeccable and still has a cosy, warm and human feeling to it. The elegance of this collection lies in the discretion of its high quality and its minimalistic design.”

The collection features a number of key features designed to enhance performance. A new ventilation system in the oven guarantees the optimal circulation of heat, allowing simultaneous baking on separate levels without smells and flavours mixing together. The microwaves are equipped with ‘inverter technology’, allowing for even (instead of pulsating) distribution of energy. As a result, the food retains its initial structure, including the vitamins and minerals, and the cooking time is shorter, which lowers energy consumption.

For the induction hob, the XpandZone allows cooking on almost the entire surface, enabling it to accommodate larger cookware, or space for several smaller pots or pans that can be placed anywhere on the combined cooking zone. The PowerZone boosts the HiLight cooking zone power by 25%, allowing faster cooking while using less power.

Franjo Bobinac, President and CEO of Slovenia-based Gorenje, said: “We decided on design as the component that can significantly influence the decision of consumers when they stand in front of a line of similar appliances. Through its design, Gorenje has challenged the generic forms of household appliances and brought in fresh perspectives to create a holistic user experience.”

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