kb-network    News 13 Feb 2018

Why did Moduleo open the world’s largest luxury vinyl tile factory? MD David Bigland reveals all…

Moduleo’s parent, the IVC Group, has opened a 225,960 sq ft factory at its headquarters in Belgium, with the intention of doubling production to 15million sq m per year. David Bigland, Managing Director of Moduleo, explains the reasoning behind such a huge expansion.

One reason was the economy of scale: “Thanks to the brand-new, showcase factory, which boasts the latest lean manufacturing processes, we can produce higher quantities more efficiently,” said Bigland.

Another reason was updating storage and logistics: “We are benefiting from doubled warehouse capacity and a conveyor bridge between production and logistics,” said Bigland. The doubled warehouse and conveyor ensures harmony between production, storage, and shipping.

Most interestingly, the factory was built in anticipation for a “next-generation of engineered flooring, which can be laid on uneven surfaces,” which would vastly increase the number of potential applications of luxury vinyl tiling.

Lastly, Moduleo expects to launch a new range of next-gen products in 2018, which are “the result of extensive research and development.”

Though economies of scale, storage, logistics, next-gen tiling, and upcoming launches mark the primary reasoning behind this notable expansion, no one in the local industry can complain about the 200 jobs this factory has created.

Ingeniously, the facility uses water from the river Scheldt for its cooling processes, sustainable energy from wind turbines, and all its waste is recycled into the production process.

Moduleo | moduleo.co.uk