kb-network    News 26 Oct 2017

Mira’s Product Development department volunteer at The Butterfly Garden in Cheltenham

As part of the company’s commitment to charity and community initiatives, employees from Mira Showers each get a volunteering day to use as they wish to help others. Just recently, a team from Support Services & Experimental, part of Mira’s New Product Development department, used their day to help out locally at The Butterfly Garden in Cheltenham.

The Butterfly Garden is an educational, therapeutic and recreational scheme aiming to help people with a disability of any kind. Based initially on gardening, the project is for all ages and aims to offer a diverse, stimulating and purposeful opportunity for people looking to escape the world or those looking to re-enter it. With the Butterfly Garden eager to engage with volunteers, whether supporting art, music, woodwork and catering as well as gardening, the Mira team were set to a number of tasks, from general tidying and composting to clearing a river bed!

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