kb-network    News 29 Mar 2018

Maxtop Quartz launches interactive ‘Maxtop Gear’ game, to entertain trade professionals

Following the success of its 2017 Tea-Break Tosser game, Maxtop Quartz has announced the launch of a new Maxtop Gear, interactive racing game.

Ideal for playing on smartphones or tablets, during a lunch or tea break, the Maxtop Gear has been specifically designed with installers in mind. Within the game users navigate a Maxtop van around a winding racetrack by using keyboard arrows or titling their smart devices. Players can complete an unlimited number of laps and, in celebration of the launch of the new game, can submit their best time for a chance to win an £80 Amazon voucher and a selection of Maxtop merchandise (a prize which is only available to the person with the fastest lap time submitted before 30th April 2018).

Maxtop Quartz’s Pure White and Pewter Grey designs – some of the newest additions to the composite quartz range – are showcased on billboards throughout the game.

Stephen Moss, Managing Director of Maxtop Quartz Ltd, said: “Our Tea-Break Tosser game was a huge success last year and reached more than 400,000 people. We know games like this are addictive and perfect for playing on your phone during any quick breaks, so wanted to launch another one. MaxTop Gear is a fine balance between providing respite for installers during their break, or whenever they have time to kill, without making it too time-consuming and ultimately, distracting.”

“Because Maxtop is a unique surface, we wanted to create something that would match its uniqueness, rather than simply invest into other marketing tactics which may get missed in the busy marketplace. With such a challenging, addictive nature, we expect the game to ignite a competitive feud amongst colleagues. It certainly has within our business!”

Both games, Tea-Break Tossers and MaxTop Gear, were created by One, an integrated marketing agency based in Sale, Greater Manchester.

To play the game, visit https://racer.maxtopquartz.co.uk/

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