kb-network    News 13 Feb 2018

Maxtop Quartz announces huge price freeze across its entire range for 2018

Despite the launch of brand-new designs, a new manufacturing process and rising material and production costs, Maxtop Quartz has confirmed all worktops will remain at £220 per sq m throughout this year.

Stephen Moss, Managing Director of Maxtop Quartz Ltd, explained: “Here at Maxtop Quartz we’ve been working very hard to push quartz as an accessible material for all. While previously, it’s been seen as an exclusively high-end product, many people are now coming to understand that with composite surfaces, such as Maxtop, you can greatly increase the grandeur of your kitchen by thinking outside of the box. Avoiding price increases, despite new products and manufacturing changes, allows us to continue with this vision.”

Since its launch in 2014, Maxtop Quartz has provided a range of benefits to consumers – including lightweight properties, quick and easy installation and the same aesthetic benefits as traditional stone – none of which were available with any other solid quartz product. The company’s new manufacturing process has added to this list; the new method ensures there will no visible edging on any Maxtop Quartz product, providing a seamless and solid finish.

Moss continued: “It’s very important to us that the price point of Maxtop reflects the uniqueness of the product. And now, our new manufacturing process is also a game-changer in terms of modular quartz products, allowing us to add even more aesthetic advantages to the product, with an uninterrupted finish and increased capacity for bespoke edging. All whilst maintaining the previous benefits, including its lightweight properties.”

Maxtop’s new designs will be launched at KBB Birmingham in March.


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