Designer    News 18 Jul 2017

Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez’s Nice tap collection receives prestigious award at ICFF New York

The Nice basin tap, designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez for Fantini, has been given the sought-after Editor’s Awards at this year’s ICFF in New York, within the category of Kitchen & Bath.

The tap’s design was originally crafted to pay homage to the iconic 1970’s Fantini collection: i Balocchi, the merits of which have been regularly recognised across the design industry. The original colourful collection was given a modern and minimalist twist by Thun and Rodriguez through the incorporation of transparent elements which reflect the appearance of natural water.

Nice’s characterful design will add a pop of colour and excitement to the bathroom. Its knob control is made from a jewel-tone methacrylate, which is initially crafted into a translucent cylinder, to give the piece a pleasantly smooth surface, while the addition of bold colourful sections creates unique and fascinating optical effects.

Mattheo Thun |