Designer    News 04 Apr 2018

Maison Valentina’s Diamond Bathtub plays a powerful symbol in French film, La Ch’tite Famille

This new comedy directed, written by and starring Dany Boon, and produced by Pathé Films, features Maison Valentina’s Diamond Bathtub, which was found and chosen by set decorator Bénédicte Joffre… but why?

The French Movie La Ch’tite Famille (‘the stick family’ / ‘the family from the sticks’) is about Valentin, a bourgeois architect, who publicly claims to be an orphan because he is too ashamed to admit his roots: lower class scrap metal merchants from the north of France. With his girlfriend Constance (who also is an architect), he is preparing for the grand opening of their retrospective at the Palais de Tokyo… but nothing goes as planned.

The Diamond bathtub, when it appears in the film, has the geometric style of a cut jewel and perfectly symbolizes the world of luxury and elitism into which Valentin has climbed. The bathroom itself serves as a symbol of ablution in the film, whereby Valentin had washed away the soils of his down-to-earth upbringing, to assume a lofty lifestyle, only to find himself, decades later, once again, muddied by his past. Designed in fibreglass with a luxurious black high-gloss finishing, the diamond-shaped sculptural body is topped with a golden rim – a small detail that stands out.

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