Utopia    News 24 Feb 2017

Luxury bathroom supplier West One showcase designs from Philippe Starck, amongst others…

West One, an innovative supplier of luxury bathrooms, introduces new products from designers Philippe Starck, Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, Patricia Urquiola and the Wall&Deco 2016 Collection.

Patricia Urquiola’s bathroom designs for ‘agape’ show a fantastic blend of modern shapes and feminine accents – with a few surprises along the way. From furniture to tiles, rugs to bathroom mixers, Patricia Urquiola’s distinctive style combines minimalism with floral patterns, resulting in designs that are simplistic yet rather playful.

Another experimental collection from West One is the ‘Puzzle’ for Domus. Created by internationally acclaimed designers Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, ‘Puzzle’ is a rich and dynamic tile collection that plays with simple geometric forms in various colours and tones.


Additionally, West One are now proudly stocking Philippe Starck’s collection in partnership with Duravit. Dubbed the pop star of design, Starck is renown for his innovative designs that appeal to every style. Pure, elegant, natural or raw, his products ooze personality and always cater to the individual’s needs.

Finally, West One introduces the Wet System by Wall&Deco. Available exclusively at West One Bathrooms, The Wet System is a technical wall finishing made for damp environments such as bathrooms. Combining an all-in-one technique, the system is acts as a decorative, and watertight, wall covering, which blocks water leakages to the underneath substrate.


West One Bathrooms / westonebathrooms.com