kb-network    News 22 Jun 2016

Looking Inward: Roman launches new inward folding bath screen to its Haven Range

Roman has launched a new inward folding bath screen to its Haven Range.
The height of the bath screen is 1500mm with 6mm thick glass. It features a frameless and is reversible for left or right hand fixing and there is an optional brace bar included.

This power shower approved bath screen has one fixed panel and one inward folding panel, so the inward folding panel folds away when not in use to allow full access to the bath. It allows for easy cleaning without stepping into the bath, presenting a safer and a more practical option.

The inward folding panel also presents easy and safe access for bathing small children and it is suitable for the smaller bathroom as it won’t interfere with existing bathroom furniture or the bathroom layout.

There has been a clear move towards multiple bathrooms in the family home, says Roman, with many family homes now having two or three bathrooms, which tend to be smaller and more compact than a spacious family bathroom. This is where bath screens have increased in popularity as they are often specified for the main family bathroom to give an additional showering facility – this can also help to overcome the issue of the ‘dash for splash’ morning rush to the shower.

Where people have to keep a bath as their main showering option, they don’t want to have to compromise on water delivery, which makes this power shower approved bath screen a great alternative to a shower enclosure.

David Osborne, managing director of Roman, said: “With bath screens being such a popular product for the UK bathroom, we ensure that there are different design and style options, so people can have a great looking bathroom and luxurious showering experience, even if they have limited bathroom space.

“Our bath screens are not only stylish but also incorporate practical elements to ensure they work with the existing bathroom layout and furniture and provide practicality when accessing the bath for showering or cleaning.”