Utopia    News 04 Sep 2017

Bauhaus’ illuminating mirrors will add a little magic to contemporary bathrooms


From applying your everyday moisturiser to brushing your teeth and checking your make-up – mirrors are often viewed as simply a decorative addition, but these simple glass products are an essential part of every bathroom and shouldn’t be overlooked.

For those partial to a more contemporary look, an ornate gold-framed wall-hung mirror simply wouldn’t do; instead, Bauhaus has announced the launch of two new illuminating mirrors, with integrated LED frames. The Mike Pro and Dune mirrors include sensor activation switches and colour changing lighting – making for a practical accessory and stylish focal point.

The new Dune mirror boasts the next generation of LED lighting, offering superior performance with the lowest possible energy consumption. The touch-sensitive controls are marked in three subtle sandblasted symbols and allow the user to control the light’s functions, brightness and colour, with a choice of three ambient hues: cool, warm and daylight. For a simpler aesthetic, opt for the Mike Pro mirror; available in two optional sizes, both of which are suitable for landscape or portrait hanging, this effortlessly cool design will work in a contemporary bathroom suite. It is controlled by a clever PIR sensor discreetly placed on the mirror’s underside, allowing users to turn the light on and off with a simple hand motion – this makes it both hygienic and easy to use.

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