Designer    News 04 May 2017

Lightening the mood with Siemens’ kitchen appliances, through their integrated emotionLight technology

Recently showcased at Siemens studioLine launch event, the company’s latest dishwasher and cooker hood models feature integrated emotionLight technology. A duo of LED lights fitted into the top of the dishwasher’s door frame, and again in the cooker hoods, allow for a subtle glowing illumination to appear from the appliance. Using Siemens’ Home Connect app the LED output from the appliances can be changed to an almost infinite number of shades, to completely transform the atmosphere of your kitchen.

The studioLine integrated dishwasher also features an innovative timeLightfloor projection display, which will inform the use – via an LED image projected onto the floor beneath – which part of the cycle the dishwasher is currently completing. Alongside this, a low noise level, eight optional programmes and Zeolith energy efficiency, which practically dries the crockery using a natural material, which us patented by BSH Group. The Zeolith material sits within the machine and naturally draws in water and expels heat – this heat is then dispersed around the machine through a vent in the back of the model. This combination of features allows for the studioLine dishwasher to excel in both form and function.

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