Designer    News 12 Jan 2018

LG steps into the future with the invention of new serving, cleaning and shopping robots

Robotics are being given more and more attention in the kitchen and bathroom industry, with innovative new technologies overtaking the by-hand operations of the home. After releasing its original robotic line-up a year ago, LG Electronics are taking the next high-tech step with the unveiling of three concept work robots, aimed at the commercial sector, that will assist users in tasks within hotels, airports and supermarkets.

Part of the company’s CLOi robot brand, the Serving Robot, Porter Robot and Shopping Cart Robot will assist in a myriad of everyday activities. The models follow in the mechanical footsteps of their older siblings, the Lawn Mowing Robot, the Hub Robot and the Airport Guide Robot – which recently underwent a successful trial in Kore’s Incheon International Airport.

The Serving Robot will deliver drinks and meals to guests at hotels and airport lounges quickly and efficiently, while the Porter Robot completes the job of its human predecessors: delivering guests luggage to their rooms in hotels, alongside taking care of payments and express check-ins. The Shopping Cart Robot can store a user’s shopping list, scan items to check prices and guide customers to their desired items within the supermarket.

LG’s CLOi robots will be developed in parallel to the company’s AI consumer electronics and home appliances title ThinQ.

“As an important part of our future growth engine, LG is committed to expanding its portfolio of robots that can deliver real convenience and innovation in our customers’ lives,” said Ryu Hye-jung, head of the smart solution business division of LG’s Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company. “We will continue to develop a wide range of products across commercial and home robots while seeking new opportunities to contribute to the advancement of the robotics industry.”

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