kb-network    News 21 Mar 2017

LG celebrates sale of 15 million refrigerators powered by its inverter linear compressor technology

LG Electronics has announced the sale of its 15th million refrigerator powered by its proprietary Inverter Linear Compressor, the division’s most successful core technology.

After experiencing an 8% increase within the company’s premium refrigerator sales, in comparison with the previous year, LG expects to sell four million more units this year, averaging a sale of seven refrigerators sold every minute!

LG’s linear compressor is a considered the core technology behind the success of the company’s appliances. Unlike conventional rotary compressors that utilise a circular motion, LG’s unit implements a linear motion which in turn reduces energy consumption and noise levels, in comparison to conventional models.

The company’s linear compressor refrigerator has been named ‘Best Refrigerator’ by a number of consumer organisations due to its excellent performance, consistent temperature controls and low noise level.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Song Dae-hyun, president of LG’s Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company, remarked “Our priority to enhance refrigerator performance, reduce noise levels while using less energy is how we continue to bring value to our customers.”


LG Electronics Inc. | lg.com/uk