D-List    News 20 Mar 2018

Leading K&B designers receive the 2018 d-list verified mark in recognition of their design skills

Established in 2015, the d-list from the publishers of leading monthly design magazine Designer Kitchen & Bathroom, is now drafting the official 2018 list ready for publication in April 2018.

The d-list features some of the UK’s leading creatives from across the kitchen and bathroom sector. In this year’s d-list, we shine the light on designers whose work sets them apart from the rest. Now in its third edition, the 2018 d-list (in association with Hoover), includes a varied mix of fifteen individual designers, some relatively new to the industry and others with many years of experience.

The designers have been acknowledged for their exceptional level of talent, innovation and creativity. New for 2018, we have introduced the verified mark. This blue tick is awarded to a kitchen or bathroom designer to recognise their design talent and innovation. The verified mark is granted only to the select group of designers chosen for inclusion within the d-list. This scheme, allows nominees to proudly display the verified blue tick, showing their inclusion on the official d-list.

The official 2018 d-list will be announced on 4th April 2018.

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