kb-network    News 06 Feb 2018

Latest market research shows what’s ‘driving up’ the global market for bathroom vanities

Transparency Market Research, a market intelligence company, has revealed the key drivers behind the growth in the bathroom vanities market. The company’s analysts, researchers and consultants conducted a blend of quantitative forecasting and trends analysis to provide insights.

In summary, the drivers for the global market of bathroom vanities were:

‘Increasing consumer preference for a functional bathroom.’

‘Growing remodelling activities, owing to rising consumer interest towards modernising.’

‘Rising hygiene consciousness.’

‘Consumer awareness regarding recycled polyethylene materials, and the subsequent rising consumer demand for eco-friendly materials such as recycled glass and engineered stone.’

‘Growing consumer preferences for modern facilities such as specialized countertops which incorporate sinks.’

‘Rising consumer demand for advanced features.’

‘Preferences for modern features, such as glass with LED backlighting and high-pressure plastic laminates.’

‘The growing number of new housing, alongside spurs in reconstruction, are driving the residential segment.’


While the future looks prosperous for the bathroom vanity market, to increase successes further, manufacturers could look toward integrating smart technology, to meet the growing worldwide demand for smart living – a trend which Transparency Market Research predicted will boost the bathroom vanities market further throughout 2018 and beyond.


Transparency Market Research | transparencymarketresearch.com