kb-network    News 05 Jul 2016

Lakes Bathrooms launches their optically superior, low-iron glass ‘PureVue’

Lakes Bathrooms has launched PureVue which it says is an optically superior, low-iron glass that appears entirely clear.

This new glass is being offered as standard on shower enclosures, doors and bath screens in both its Classic and Coastline Collection.

PureVueHD has minimal iron content; this means says Lakes Bathroom that the glass appears clear, rather than having a green tinge that is visible in standard glass. Very high transmission levels, of around 90 per cent, enable as much light as possible to pass through PureVueHD glass, making everything viewed through it appear lighter and brighter.

According to Lakes Bathrooms, this dramatically clearer glass allows the bathroom’s colour palette to be viewed with untainted accuracy. It likens the difference in colours, sharpness and enhanced clarity that PureVueHD makes in the bathroom to the vivid quality brought to the living room by high definition TV.

Whilst low-iron glass can cost as much as 50 per cent more due to the higher grade of silica that it demands, Lakes Bathrooms is supplying it as standard; without adding to its prices.  So this visual luxury is now part of all products in its Classic and Coastline collections (excluding only the Mirror range).

“When you see this ultra-clear glass next to ordinary products, the difference is startling and we know that consumers will want the clarity of PureVueHD low-iron glass when they see how stark the contrast is”, said managing director Robin Craddock. “To ensure that this choice is an effortless one, we are making the bold move of introducing it as standard, by funding the incremental cost ourselves.

“It’s part of the value that we offer and should be enjoyed by everyone.”

Lakes Bathrooms says it will continue to treat both sides of it Classic and Coastline products with stay-clean AllClear coating as standard to maximise the clear PureVueHD advantage. This coating is applied during manufacture to all glass used in the Classic and Coastline collections. The repellent properties of the coating ensure that these products require less cleaning than standard bathrooms surfaces.

PureVueHD products start from £145.00 plus VAT.

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