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Kitchen manufacturer Moores reveals the five ways it’s improving its service for 2018

Here, Andrew Story, Head of Product Development for Moores, reveals the five key ways the company will increase the quality of its kitchen solutions for developers and builders in 2018.

  1. New internal storage innovation

From half carousels to larders, the need for internal kitchen storage is growing. Moores will accommodate this by extending its range with new technologies, such as the ‘tandem larder’. “It’s something we’re very proud of,” said Andrew Story. “The opening movement brings the front section of the internal storage out, while the back section moves forward for optimal access and ergonomics, allowing you to see everything that is in your cupboard at a glance.”

  1. Feature open wall units

Opposite to the demand for more internal kitchen storage, there is a separate growing desire for feature wall units. “The trend for displaying aesthetically pleasing pots, pans and jars is showing no sign of disappearing,” said Story. “We want to offer the most popular looks to our housebuilder partners, which is why we are delighted to introduce open wall units inspired by the latest trends seen at the major European shows and kitchen fairs.” In addition to open wall units, developers can expect additions to the Affinity, Definitive and premium Roux Kitchen ranges.

  1. Quality improvements in components

“Much of the time it’s the small details that make the difference for housebuilders,” explained Story. “That’s why we use only the highest quality components that will stand the test of time.” Moores is proud to partner with leading component and storage brands such as Kesseböhmer and Blum. “We can also now supply doors with no drillings for fridge freezer housings, utilising the appliance hinges and removing the unsightly hinge holes from the back of the doors. This means less snagging and more reliability for housebuilders.”

  1. More lighting options across ranges

This year, Moores will introduce more lighting choices across all ranges so that housebuilders can offer the latest desirable mood and ambient effects to buyers. New products such as infrared sensors within cupboards as well as shelving and plinth lights will be easily obtainable on all collections. What’s more, lighting now comes with a diffuser that means LED Points are not visible. The natural white LED makes lighting suitable for either traditional or contemporary installations.

  1. Even better service

“A recent customer survey sent to more than 2,500 contacts at national housebuilders revealed that almost 50% would score our service a 9 or 10 for likeliness to recommend,” reported Michael Barrett, Marketing and Sales Director for Moores. “This year we will continue to build on our committed customer service by offering improved services. In addition, our installer app will be rolled out to all housebuilders as an easier, streamlined tool for tracking entire projects.”

To read more about Moore’s kitchen installation app, click here.

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