Utopia    News 31 Oct 2017

Kitchen experts at Burbidge reveal what their key trend predictions for 2018 are


It may only be Halloween, but we’re already looking ahead to the new year and considering what trend treats 2018 has in store.

So, we spoke to Joanne Emery, from Burbidge, to get a little expert insight into next year’s top trends for the kitchen. Here’s what she had to say…

“One of the main trends emerging for 2018, particularly within the contemporary kitchen market, is the innovative advances in laminates. New technology has allowed us to introduce doors constructed from laminates that are aesthetically identical in texture and design to wood grain and even concrete. Laminates can be used for worktops, splashbacks and internal drawer fronts, making a co-ordinated scheme easy to achieve. In terms of new finishes in laminates, we are currently developing an Oxide door; a darker shade of concrete that can be used on its own or as an accent colour to add textural interest to an otherwise minimalist kitchen style. The new year will also see the introduction of more colour, most noticeably in the neutral colour palettes with softer, more delicate influences coming through in kitchen paint finishes. Our own colour palette is updated regularly to match current and emerging trends, most recently out new Chamois finish has been extremely popular with customers wanting to use deeper tones but in a more calming and versatile shade and fashion.”


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