kb-network    News 20 Jul 2016

Kitchen designers SieMatic earn the German Brand Award in Gold for their pioneering designs

SieMatic has recently been bestowed with the ‘German Brand Award in Gold.’

Established after a directive from the German Bundestag (House of Representatives) over 60 years ago, the German Design Council acknowledges international design and brand activity in Germany with its German Brand Award.

The objective of the award is to promote pioneering brands and acknowledge them with its awards. Competition is limited to companies nominated by the institute’s committees of experts, and the highest award of the German Brand Award in GOLD 2016 was presented to SieMatic.

“Our brand is our most valuable asset. The more value attached to it, the more valuable everything we develop and offer becomes,” said SieMatic CEO, Ulrich W. Siekmann who is the third generation of his family to manage the company. He continued: “What characterises our brand is internationally recognised design of timeless elegance, and the consistency with which we implement this in all areas, not only in the development and design of our products, but also in the selection and training of our partners, the concepts and execution of SieMatic-exclusive showrooms and presentation in multi-brand showrooms, the representation of our brand in the media, and of course our entire communication direction.”

Mr Siekmann added: “Last year we were delighted to receive the German Design Award 2015 in GOLD from the German Design Council for our innovative SieMatic 29. To also be awarded the German Brand Award 2016 in GOLD is a great honour and wonderful recognition of our work.”