kb-network    News 27 Feb 2017

Kitchen component specialist Franke launch new consumer brochure sales tool

Kitchen sink and tap specialists Franke has launched a new brochure specifically aimed at consumers to act as an additional sales tool for its retail partners.

The full-colour, 52-page brochure showcases the sinks, taps and hoods in Franke’s Specialist range.

Available now, the brochure has been launched as part of a newly revamped literature suite which also includes an in-depth showroom brochure developed for retailers, featuring the specifications of each product.

Coinciding with a year-long brand marketing campaign, the consumer brochure aims to be aspirational and inspirational, using lifestyle imagery that allows consumers to get a feel for what their sink and tap choice can add to their kitchen.

“Our product literature was previously aimed more at our retail partners,” said Fiona Bowyer, marketing director at Franke. “We wanted to inspire consumers with sinks and taps, we kept the detail out as that can often add a level of complexity that the consumer doesn’t need. Our ultimate aim is for customers to feel inspired to visit their local retailer for expert advice and to see and feel the quality of Franke products for themselves.

“At the same time, retailers still have detailed product information for both our Specialist and Pro-Value ranges at their fingertips with fully updated showroom brochures.”


Franke / franke.co.uk