kb-network    News 07 Mar 2018

Kitchen Architecture brings bulthaup’s stunning ‘solitaire’ collection to the UK market

As part of its wider plans for 2018, retailer Kitchen Architecture, has announced the addition of bulthaup’s b solitaire collection to its UK offering.

Though a perennially popular aesthetic, freestanding designs are truly coming to the fore this year, with contemporary kitchens, such as bulthaup’s b solitaire taking a stand. The new range is comprised of a ‘family’ of products, including a dining table, preparation island and display cabinet. The beauty of the collection lies in its modularity, which allows designers and homeowners alike the flexibility to fit it to suit any kitchen shape, size and requirement, and change its positioning and layout in accordance with the changing needs of the owner.

Alex Saint of Kitchen Architecture, commented: “Freestanding furniture has had its place in domestic kitchens since medieval times when the kitchen table or bench would be used for preparation and eating. We’re bringing a new form of this to the UK with bulthaup’s purest and most beautifully detailed product to date, the bulthaup b solitaire. It’s an ideal solution for the contemporary homeowner, as, thanks to its freestanding nature, the kitchen can change and grow in step with its owner.”

The bulthaup b solitaire collection will be available from Kitchen Architecture’s London, Oxford and Cheshire showrooms.

Kitchen Architecture | kitchenarchitecture.co.uk