Utopia    News 26 May 2017

Keep it clean – Catalano presents its beautiful range of bathroom storage solutions


The bathroom is not likely the largest room within your home, however, it is the one place that must truly epitomise cleanliness and calm – order and tidiness can help soothe the mind and allow your bathroom space to adopt that sought-after spa serenity. Catalono claims to have the perfect solution for every space and every style, with dedicated storage units that perfectly integrate and complement your sanitaryware.

The company’s wall-hung basin vanities are available in every imaginable shape and size, all of which exude a clean contemporary aesthetic, and can be finished in a variety of matt coloured finishes and warm wood effect textures. The Green Up 120 basin and iNove Premium vanities present clean linear looks, with large integrated storage drawers and slim horizontal profiles. In contrast, the New Light 62 and Newlight basin 80 boasts a beautifully concise size which will work perfectly for smaller spaces, ensuites and cloakrooms. The Newlight basin 80 (featured) is shown in a striking Metz finish, this wood-effect aesthetic injects warmth into the contemporary scheme while equally adding a rustic twist to the pure white surroundings.

“Storage that fits into awkward spaces will make the most of tight corners which would otherwise be wasted space. Full-length wall-hung storage can be used to create a focal point in the room, while also keeping the floor space clear and uncluttered,” said Karen Barcoo, Marketing Supervisor of Catalano UK.

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