kb-network    News 17 Jan 2018

The Kbsa issues an urgent notice to members regarding new terms and conditions

The Kbsa has issued an urgent notice to members alerting them to the new regulations regarding debit/credit card surcharging, which comes into play this week (13th January 2018).

The new mandatory requirement relates to charging customers an extra charge for paying with a credit card and the need for them to be removed. The Kbsa has advised that any business that continues to apply a surcharge on consumer retail cards, will be non-compliant with regulators and could face sanctions or penalties.

Kbsa National Chair Richard Hibbert, explained: “We have reminded our members about this significant change and advised them that the new Terms and Conditions (T&C), put together for the benefit of members, do reflect this new regulation. We have worked closely with our legal adviser, Fraser Brown, to develop the new document which is tailored for the design and installation of kitchens. They reflect the customer’s journey, incorporating detailed provisions concerning the order process, quotation, delivery and installation as well as payment. We believe that these new T&Cs will provide robust protection for our retailers, particularly for liability for customer error or omission or other circumstances outside of retail member control.”

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