kb-network    News 11 Apr 2016

Karonia introduce new consumer brochure to showcase the MISTRAL range of solid worktops

Karonia has introduced a new consumer brochure to showcase the colours, features and benefits of the MISTRAL range of 25mm solid surface worktops.

Designed to demonstrate the potential of this versatile, enhanced acrylic worktop, the 24-page brochure uses real-life imagery to show how MISTRAL has been used creatively in a variety of kitchen environments. Close-up shots focus on features such as imaginative shaping, sink and drainer solutions and a range of edge profiles.

The brochure, which may be viewed and downloaded from the website www.mistralworktops.co.uk, also illustrates how MISTRAL works with current kitchen trends as either a statement feature adding an extra dimension to the design process or as a complementary element designed to blend seamlessly into the overall scheme.

The centre pages of the brochure detail the complete MISTRAL range including the three new effects launched at kbb Birmingham 2016. These are: Orion, an interpretation of the night sky complete with sparking stars; Lunas, a natural stone effect in light cream, and Polaris, a variation on a classic white with shimmering glitter particles to add depth and visual appeal.