kb-network    News 22 Jan 2018

Karonia extends price freeze to “absorb negative commercial impact from political uncertainties”

Karonia has announced that it will be extending its 2017 price freeze for the MISTRAL worktop range through 2018, in order to support the MISTRAL distributors and retailers. This, they hope, will help the worktop brand to grow in this time of political uncertainty.

This decision on pricing goes hand in hand with MISTRAL’s ‘20 colours, one price’ policy, which has proved crucial to the popularity of the range because of the simplicity it lends to the retail sales process. This has all been confirmed by consistent feedback.

“At every opportunity, we ask retailers how we can help them sell more MISTRAL and, so far, not one has suggested that we make it more expensive. With KBB 2018 providing the launch point for new products, and then further developments planned throughout the year, we want good news and positivity to be the order of every day for 2018,” said Andrew Pickup, Karonia Director.

Karonia has vowed to continue to increase its level of engagement with those working with MISTRAL on a daily basis to help shape the brand’s future.

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