kb-network    News 12 Jan 2018

Kallista and Ann Sacks are awarded 2017 The Chicago Athenaeum Museum Good Design awards

In its 67th year, The Chicago Athenaeum annual awards reviewed product submissions from over 48 countries for innovative products and design. Ann Sacks Tile and Stone and Kallista plumbing brands under the Kohler Co. Decorative Products Sector announced that they are recipients of The Chicago Athenaeum Museum Good Design Awards for the Ann Sacks Itai Bar-On Collection and Kallista Bjarke Ingels.

Provider of kitchen and bath luxury products provider Kallista, partnered with Bjarke Ingels to create Taper by Bjarke Ingels. The signature cone-to-cylinder design represents a paring down of the form to its most essential components. “The sculpted shape of Taper translates from the geometry of the pipe and sculpts the flow of water to the hands or body,” described Ingels.

Ann Sacks collaborated with Product Designer, Israel-based Itai Bar-On, on a collection of handcrafted tiles exclusive to Ann Sacks in North America. “The idea for the bending of concrete began as a concept to play with concrete as if it were a plasticine,” explained Bar-On. “On one hand I was trying to achieve the best formula for the concrete and on the other hand I developed a unique mould that could combine perfectly with the material.”

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