kb-network    News 24 Jan 2017

Kaldewei supports architects and planners with BIM data digitalisation

Specialist bathroom products manufacturer Kaldewei is providing planners and architects with comprehensive support in the shape of digital data for the most important BIM software applications.

With immediate effect, Kaldewei BIM data is available for download from the website at www.kaldewei.co.uk/service/architects-planners/2d-3d-and-bim-files.

The use of BIM (building information modelling) enables computer-based planning that integrates all those involved in a given construction project across all trades. This reciprocal flow of information ensures better planning security and cost efficiency because the interdependencies between architecture, building engineering and possible process changes can be taken into consideration early on.


A digital 3D model is at the heart of BIM. It contains all relevant project and product-specific data, supplemented by additional information such as costs and deadlines, and is used by all parties involved in the given project.

Digitalisation of construction industry constantly on the rise BIM is increasingly gaining ground internationally. Here in the UK, Norway, the USA and the Netherlands, BIM is already widely used and, in some cases, is a prerequisite for public tenders.

Experts are convinced, says Kaldewei, that over the next three years this planning method will also gain a foothold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Against the backdrop of the “Green Building” concept and growing demand for sustainability, BIM’s integrated approach is becoming ever more important as this method provides relevant information across a building’s entire lifecycle.


Kaldewei / kaldewei.co.uk