kb-network    News 16 Aug 2017

Kaldewei receives Green Good Design Award for its developments in sustainable materials

A development of the illustrious Good Design Awards, the Green Good Design Award reflects the KB and design industries focus on sustainability, environmental awareness and a definite ‘lean toward green’.

Kaldewei has been honoured with the Green Good Design Award in the products category, thanks to its superior steel enamel material. The company prides itself on being the first German bathroom designer to issue an environmental product declaration for its steel enamel bathroom solutions. Since then, all Kaldewei shower surfaces, washbasins and bathtubs have been crafted from the impressive steel enamel material.

The enamel is produced in Kaldewei’s own enamel foundry and uses a selection of only natural, raw materials – ensuring that the company can have complete control over the entire production process, its methods and values. And, after the 30-year warranty, each of the company’s steel enamel products provides, the material can be completely recycled.

Arndt Papenfuß, Head of Marketing at Kaldewei, commented: “Kaldewei steel enamel is the company’s brand essence and the result of continuous innovation management. Sustainability across the entire lifecycle – starts with the raw materials, throughout the entire manufacturing process, and resulting 100% product recyclability – an immutable element of the Kaldewei corporate philosophy.”

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