kb-network    News 15 Nov 2016

Johnny Grey receives the Services to Industry Award at the Kitchen & Bathroom Designer Awards

The Kitchen & Bathroom Designer Awards are in a league of their own when it comes to recognising the skill and expertise of those designers at the top of their profession.

And so it was fitting that Johnny Grey, considered by many to be the benchmark of special planning and kitchen design, should receive a Services to Industry Award for the work he is doing on the Foundation Degree in Kitchen Design at Bucks New University, where he is passing on his skills to the next generation of kitchen designers.

In addition to this, he is working with other kitchen industry stalwarts such as Craig Matson of Roundhouse Design and David Gilletts and David Sanders from Blum to set up The Kitchen Education Trust to help fund students and research.

“When we started our degree course, people laughed and doubted there was enough justification, interest or content,” Johnny said in his acceptance speech. “Actually, I did too, but no one laughs now. We are in our third year and adding a Bachelor’s degree with a Master’s research degree to follow.”