kb-network    News 24 Apr 2017

John Lewis of Hungerford showcases its new light and bright kitchen photography

Interior giant, John Lewis of Hungerford, has presented its new shaker kitchen photography to the industry, displaying its stunning light and bright designs.

Celebrating this classic design staple, John Lewis’s new Shaker images showcase the brand’s award-winning pale grey paint within a fresh and modern kitchen scheme – highlighting just how important imagery is within the industry.

With cooler colours marking a strong design trend this year, the new photography captures the light-reflecting properties associated with lighter colours and demonstrates how these paints can enhance a room’s available space.

Additionally, within the scheme, John Lewis has also chosen to contrast its stark white surfaces against its deep graphite grey painted cabinets, bringing about a sense of depth within the scheme and portraying their fantastic product range in the best light possible.

John Lewis of Hungerford | john-lewis.co.uk