kb-network    News 06 Mar 2017

Jayne Hiddleston from Hiddleston Joinery wins the bi-monthly ArtiCAD design competition

The winner of ArtiCAD’s bi-monthly design competition is designer Jayne Hiddleston from Hiddleston Joinery.

According to Jayne: “The client wanted a traditional, hand-made kitchen, with a contemporary finish for their new-build house. This provided us with an empty space which we could play around with. We recommended a combination of modern paint colours and high-end appliances. The client chose from our Auchenreoch range – an in-frame kitchen with shaker panels and beaded detail. The open shelving provided essential display space for a large pottery collection.”

The entire process took around eight weeks from initial proposal to the final draft design using the ArtiCAD-Pro software, with Jayne working off architect’s plans. There was no urgency to build the kitchen whilst the house itself was being constructed and the design process also spanned a two week Christmas break.

Designs were presented face to face and via email. “Any design edits were completed in ArtiCAD and sent through to the client,” explained Jayne. “This process was repeated until the final showroom meeting where we went through the entire kitchen, every cabinet, all details and appliances, worktops, paint colours.

“My initial design featured glass cabinets with LED lighting for the pottery but the client wanted her ceramics to be more accessible and was concerned about their weight on glass shelves. These changes could be made very quickly and easily in ArtiCAD. We were also able to play around with the size of the island to ensure that it did not encroach on the dining table and chairs in front of it, and also show the client different colour options for this major feature in the room.

“I also changed the position of the Aga from the site on the left hand side. I felt that it looked too crushed there and by moving it to the back wall I could create a lovely big over -mantle surround to make it the centre of the kitchen. As the client did not have a building at the time, ArtiCAD really helped her visualise the space and size of her kitchen and what could be achieved.

“Both the client and I can’t wait to see the kitchen being made and installed”.


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