kb-network    News 31 Jul 2017

Integrated kitchen seating is becoming more and more popular says Kitchens International

The kitchen, the heart of the home, the meeting point for many social gatherings or family meals, so, not only does it have to be comfortable, it must also be compatible with space.

Kitchens International have reported that the trend of integrated seating either as a banqueting bench round an island or integrated into a wall is becoming more and more popular as a space saver and as a very stylish and comfortable option.

This type of seating tends to be slightly more comfortable and allows social gatherings either around an island table or the table can be incorporated into the island with stand-alone chairs.


Senior KI Designer Carol Cameron says: “Increasingly we are designing seating around an island or integrated kitchen table, which becomes a more permanent, unified part of the kitchen, rather than a separate zoned area. This provides a sense of inclusion rather than isolation for dining and reinforces the feeling that the kitchen is quite definitely the heart of the home.”


Integrated seating can take the form of bench banqueting seats, curved sofa style seats or individual chairs. It is important that the colour and textures of the seating are the same or similar as the rest of the kitchen so there is a greater feeling of flow within the design, advises Kitchens International.

Make the seating area a great focal point for any kitchen with a hot and trendy integrated seating design, making those summer night gatherings a bit more relaxing.

Kitchens International | kitchensinternational.co.uk